Mr. Gokul Bakshi

Comming from a staunch vaishnao family, where classical music & religiousness were a priority, Mr. Bakshi started working at an early age of 18, where his first job was at the collector office, Bhavnagar. After completing his studies, he became a lecturer at Mahila college, Bhavnagar & after his marriage, his wife Smt. Vasuben pushed him to get career oriented, where he passed the exam for banking & joined the bank of baroda at Bhavnagar. Aggressively wanting to create history, he got quick promotions, backed with frequent transfers& the family moved to over 18 places within India & abroad. Mr. Bakshi then resigned from the job to start his own business in 1987.

A seasoned sitarist with an excellent command over classical music, turned to becoming a banker & afterwards, a business man. But, having a bankers’ soul, he felt like giving back something to society floated PRIME CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD. In 1994, for the common man, which is widely known as “ YOUR BANK FOR YOU” in an 800 sq. Ft. Area with 13 staff & less than 50 LACS capital.


The bank stands within top 10 co-operative banks of Gujarat with 36 branches, about 350 staff,over 15000 member-shareholders, over 1,20,000 satisfied customers with a total business of over 1500 CRORES.

Mr. Bakshi is also known as “MASTER OF MERGERS” within the co-operative fraternity. The first instance of merging a weak co-operative bank happened at his hands where 62 year old Baroda District Industrial Co-Op. Bank was merged to Prime Bank. Thereafter, year on year, total 5 more banks of Godhra, Nadiad, Surat, Sanand & Bayyed were merged to prime bank, thus relieving hard earned money of over 73000 depositors & turned all these branches as profit centres at the hands of those 124 staff of erstwhile banks. There was very heavy resistance from Share holders, staff members & the board, but Mr. Bakshi silently pointed out that “MAGIC BEGINS WHERE LOGIC ENDS”.  He was awarded “best chairman” amongst all of India’s co-operative banks in 2015.

In the mid-90s’ a group of enthusiasts with a similar feeling for society started a school for the physically handicapped children. Mr. Bakshi, needless to say was is one of the trustees from day one & as of now, over 500 children study at the school, where school buses pick up each child from its doorstep. The children are given education, uniforms & books.... all free of cost & the school does not accept donations!!! The philosophy is that in order to cultivate children such that they do not beg, we should not start begging!!!

Founder & Managing Director